Product Update: Dive Deeper with Node Expansion

When we launched Podarchy Explorer, our goal was to surface critical on-chain relationships – including permissions, multi-sig membership, and more in a visual interface. Over the past month, we've been actively gathering feedback and learning from our users' experiences to improve and refine Podarchy Explorer.

Today, we're excited to share the latest product updates aimed at improving discovery, allowing for deeper on-chain explorations, and filtering for the most relevant on-chain data.

Node Expansion

The most exciting finds often happen at the edges. By default, Podarchy Explorer shows three degrees of relationality for a given node. While this is powerful, sometimes three degrees just isn’t enough. With the latest update, users can now expand any edge node in a podarchy to further index on-chain relationships. Expansion is infinite – so the sky's the limit on what’s possible to discover.

Hide Nodes

While expansion is key for discoverability, filtering for relevant information is just as important. That’s why we’re excited to launch “Hide Node” functionality. This allows users to hide individual nodes within a podarchy – making it easier to focus on the most relevant information.

New Explore Page

We’ve also updated the Explore Page to help users get to the heart of what’s happening on-chain. The redesigned Explore Page includes a “Gas Guzzling Contracts” section, making it easy to dive deep into the most exciting action in real-time. We’ve also included a “Most Active Safes” section, providing an overview of hotspots on-chain.

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