Hidden Keys

An analysis of how permissions undermine ownership in decentralized systems.

Digital Cities

The next generation of cities won’t be built with wood or bricks or steel. This time around, cities will be built with code.

The Bull Case for Pods

The atomic unit of a DAO isn’t people or projects – it’s small groups of people working together.

Scaling Trust in DAOs: Trustware vs Socialware

Blockchains allow us to codify organizational governance through code and not purely documented principles that rely on humans to coordinate around. This is the nature of trustware vs socialware.

DAO Delegates: Misunderstood and Misused

Metagovernance committee delegate models can improve governance effectiveness and participation that result from individual delegate models

Governance Participation: Perils and Promise

A high level primer on the current state of governance and participation

Pods: The DAOnfall of Token Voting

The scaling problems that DAOs run into today, issues with token voting and a high-level introduction to how Metropolis solves this problem

The Eightfold Path to DAOism

Useful tools for DAOs to optimize for cooperation and coordination